Monday, October 31, 2016

Should the Olympic Games Stay in One Place?

           Do you think the Olympic Games should stay in one place? I personally think the Olympic Games should not stay in one place for many different reasons.
           First of all, that decision would decrease nationalism, or love for one's country, in many athletes because their countries would not be able to host the Games, so they would not play as well as vigorously as they would if they were playing in their own nation.
           Next, it would be unfair to countries who want to host the Olympics because they might feel unlucky and would not do their best during the Games.
           Also, the Olympic Games would lose their international virtues. Countries would not be able to show their cultures and national pride to the world.
           Another reason is that the Games moving around would help nations rebuild and improve their economies. Nations could also renovate for the Olympic Games. For instance, the 1964 Olympics in Tokyo, Japan helped rebuild and renovate Japan after the loss of World War II.
           Last but not least, countries would not be able to make a mark in history. This could lead to many people not knowing about many nations, it’s beautiful scenery, rich cultures, the people, and monuments historic to those countries.
        In conclusion, that is why I believe that the Olympic Games should belong to the world and not just to any specific nation.

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