Saturday, December 8, 2018

The Advantages and Disadvantages of World War II

World War II was a global conflict larger than any scale mankind has seen before.  Twelve major countries all over the world were fighting for various reasons. Some were fighting for power, others for safety and democracy.  This was conflict beyond larger anything people have seen before. . It caused a new scale of connection between the world. It is a  scale that is still maintained today. This conflict oversaw one of the greatest developments in technology and combat in the entire world.  Items, such as aircraft carriers were created and used in this period of time. This was very significant because these carriers are still in use, today. This war pioneered new ways of combat. It brought to the forefront air combat. Air combat, unheard of in most places, was brought to a global scale because of this war. Of course, to achieve this zenith, there had to be losses, and there were.  Over 80 million people died during this time. This was 3% of the world population in the 1940’s.  These are just few of the many advantages and disadvantages of the war.

Thursday, June 28, 2018

The Guardian Herd: Stormbound

The Guardian Herd: Stormbound is a book written by Jennifer Lynn Alvarez. The story takes place in a land called Anok. In all of Anok there are six herds, River Herd, Mountain Herd, Snow Herd, Sun Herd, Desert Herd, and Jungle Herd. The characters are: River Herd: Star (the main character), Morningleaf, Bumblewind, Brackentail, (semi-main characters),Echofrost, Flamesky, Sweetroot, Silverlake, Dawnfir, Crystalfeather, Rowanwood, Dewberry, Lightfeather, Mossberry; Mountain Herd: Rockwing, Hedgewing, Birchcloud, Frostfire, Shadepebble, Larksong, Darkleaf; Snow Herd: Twistwing, Petalcloud, Clawfire; Desert Herd: Sandwing, Raincloud; Jungle Herd: Smokewing, and, last but not least, Spiderwing. The Guardian Herd is a series, and Stormbound is the second book in the series.

First, Stormbound is interesting because the characters are actually pegasi (plural for pegasus), and NOT humans like in other books, which makes the story unique.

It’s also adventurous because the whole of River Herd needs to move away from the other herds because they are carrying a very contagious plague and they don’t want to spread it.

Also, it keeps you guessing and it is also action-packed. At one part, of the story, Morningleaf is kidnapped (or should I say, FOALnapped) and she tries to escape and you don’t know how she does it. And when the part comes closer, even though you still have to guess, but it will be more clear. And your guesses, you will find out, when you get to the part where she escapes, are really, really accurate.

To conclude this book review, I just want to tell you to read this action-packed, interesting, and adventurous book. You’ll love the book if you like pegasi, action, impatience, and adventures. Thank you all for reading my lovely book review.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

The Mountain's Deceit

The splendid mountains.
Tranquil to the eye.
Towering over the land;
Displaying Nature’s beauty.

But wait! there’s more.
Peace shattered by avalanches,
Mudslides and more.
Screams of climbers linger in the air.
The deceitful calm attitude,
Replaced by an assassin.

The splendid mountains.
Tranquil to the eye.
Towering over the land;
Displaying Nature’s beauty.
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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Jackie Robinson: A True Hero

     “Next up to bat iiiis…  number 42… JACKIE ROBINSON!” boomed the commentator as Jackie steps up to the plate. The crowd goes wild. The pitcher pitches a roaring fastball through the air. The crowd holds its breath. CRRRRACK! “A home run!” yells the commentator. Jackie Robinson is considered a hero because he stood up for the rights of African Americans around the whole nation and he broke racial barriers in baseball. So what is a hero? A hero is a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

The Seahorse's Adaptation to Its Environment

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The seahorse is a fish that lacks a common attribute: fish scales. Sea horses have adapted to their surroundings to survive. They have acquired this by using special body parts and camouflage.

Monday, October 31, 2016

Should the Olympic Games Stay in One Place?

           Do you think the Olympic Games should stay in one place? I personally think the Olympic Games should not stay in one place for many different reasons.