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World War 2 Fighter Planes

BRITISH SUPERMARINE SPITFIRE: The Spitfire became the most famous second world war plane in the RAF (Royal Air Force). It had wide, oval wings and a sleek design which made it faster and more agile than the German Luftwaffe's champion fighter, the BF 109. Powerful machine guns were mounted on it's wings.
Top speed: 360 MPH
Flying range: 391 miles

 The Hurricane wasn't as fast or acrobatic as the Spitfire but it was tougher and more reliable. A Hurricane could be badly shot and still limp back to base, to be patched up for another mission. One Hurricane cut through a German bomber's tail with it's wing!                                                          Top speed: 329 MPH
Flying range: 600 miles

AMERICAN P-51D MUSTANG: Early Mustangs couldn't fly very well at great heights, but once they were refitted with new engines, these planes had very few rivals. Mustangs could easily outpace BF 109s and had enough range to act as fighter escort for US bombers over Germany and Japan.
Top speed: 441 MPH
Flying range: 1,137 miles

The 109 was a great fighter plane-small, light with a shell firing cannon-but it had a short range. by the time pilots arrived in Britain, they only had 15 minutes to fight before heading back to refuel.
Top speed: 354 MPH
Flying range: 413 miles

The Me 262 was the first ever jet-propelled fighter, introduced in the last years of the war. It had a blistering top speed and rocket-powered explosive weapons. But it's double jet engines needed expensive parts, and the Germans could never build enough to make them a threat to Allied powers. Top speed: 541 MPH Flying range: 652 miles

Designed to be launched from aircraft carriers, the Zero was light and could fly great distances without refueling. Early models had folding wing tips to make it easier to store side-by-side. The Zero could also carry a heavy bomb.
Top speed: 331 MPH
Flying range: 1,845 miles    


                                                              ?!Question Time!?                                                                                                                                    
                                               Q1.Which plane's engines were expensive?
                                                                                                                                                                                                             Q2.Which plane could easily outpace BF 109s?

                                                 Q3.Which plane is a great fighter but has a low flying range?

                                                Q4.Which plane cut the tail of a bomber with it's wing?

                                                Q5.Which plane had folding wing tips and could carry a heavy bomb?

                                                Q6.Which plane was the most famous RAF plane?                                                      
Reference: The Usborne Second World War Sticker Book
Images : thanks Google


  1. A 1. German Messerschmitt ME 262
    A 2. American P51D Mustang
    A 3. German Messerschmitt BF 109
    A 4. British Hawker Hurricane
    A 5. Japanese Mitsubishi A6M Zero
    A 6. British Supermarine Spitfire

    Good questions my boy. Best wishes.

  2. Super informative post dear hani.. learnt a lot :).. Question time super :).. Thanks dear