Friday, August 8, 2014

Right Before the Rain

Dark clouds on the horizon! It's going to rain. It's very windy. And cold. I can see birds flying to their shelters. The trees are swaying to the windy  rhythm. My mother and many other people rushed out of their homes to get their clothes. My mother tried to keep the door open but the door seemed to be saying "You can't keep me open," and kept banging! When she took the clothespin off my sock, my sock flew into the room! Thank God it didn't fly out. I am happy it will rain because plants will grow and animals will get water.


  1. And you were laughing out loud when the door kept banging the pull-and-dry!!

  2. What a beautiful narration Alan!

    All the best! Keep writing..

  3. "You can't keep me open," and kept banging/// super hani kanna.. nalla imaginations... continue continue.. excepting lots of blogs :)