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IVF Summary on The Joplin Tornado

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So, today  I'll talk about IVF summaries AND write an IVF summary on the Joplin Tornado (don't worry, I'm going to give you information on that too). IVF Summary: An IVF summary is easy to write once you know the concept of the summary piece. there's just three parts to it. First make a chart to help you.  IVF means Identify the Subject, Select a Verb, and Finish your thought. After you've done those steps, you have to put them together to form a sentence. Then you select a few facts and create a fact outline. Finally, use the chart to write a final summary writing piece. This what a typical chart might look like:

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Joplin Tornado: The Joplin Tornado took place on May 22, 2011 in Joplin, Missouri, USA. The tornado, an EF-5, the most powerful kind, took the lives of one hundred eight people, left one thousand one hundred wounded, and left most of the city in ruins. There are 28 tornado sirens all around the city of Joplin, Missouri, but decades of false alarms had led most of the population to ignore the sirens. The tornado was three fourths of a mile wide. It was unleashed from a supercell thunder storm. Also Joplin is close to an area called "Tornado Alley". This part of the country is where most of the tornados in America touch down Tornado strikes are unpredictable. This particular one was the deadliest tornado strike in America in 5 decades. After the tornado was done with Joplin, the residents of Joplin helped each other rebuild their lives, and the city. Now, in 2015, four years later, the city of Joplin has almost finished healing.
References: September Storyworks, I Survived the Joplin Tornado

IVF Summary: The Evil Swirling Darkness in the September Storyworks magazine tells me about a tornado that went through Joplin, Missouri in 2011. It talks about Jeff Piotrowski, a famous storm chaser, and Ethan and Bennet Satterlee, two Joplin residents, from their point of view. It also talks about   how tornadoes aren't predictable. In Joplin, even though the twenty eight tornado sirens went of all around the city, life went on as usual because decades of false alarms had led most of the people to ignore the sirens. Only few were concerned. When the sirens sounded again in a short period of time, which was unusual, most people got the big idea that a dangerous tornado was coming, and took cover. After the tornado, everything in the city was destroyed, and debris littered the ground.People  helped their community heal and recover from this natural disaster.
"Evil Swirling Darkness" Article.

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