Friday, December 4, 2015

Minecraft Goes To School

I read an article Minecraft goes to school, by Scholastic, where doctors and some parents say Minecraft shoudn't be allowed in schools, because that's more video time. But my opinion differs!

I think Minecraft should be allowed in schools. I say this because, for one  Minecraft is WAY more fun than writing or drawing. Some kids’ hands hurt while they write, or if they think are really bad at drawing they can draw easily in Minecraft. You can create a virtual world that resembles one area  from history, like if you needed to create a town from the 1800s. Plus, it will make kids want to do their projects and activities. Many kids sometimes don’t do projects or activities because they think it’s “boring”. Another reason is that kids who think school is boring might change their minds. Minecraft could keep them occupied and it could make them want to come to school and also they would be on time instead of being late for school. Also it is a better way for students to earn better grades and have a better learning experience because creating worlds and building houses and buildings is an easy 100%. Finally, kids get to be creative and imaginative! This helps the brain make more connections, you can get good grades, as I said above, and there’s no limit to what you can create, like for example, a castle with booby traps. I believe Minecraft in schools is the future of learning and school!

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