Monday, August 3, 2015

Should you let your kids play video games?

I am going to write a opinion piece about letting your kids play video games. This opinion piece is sure going to change your mind about letting kids play video games. If it doesn't... well it doesn't I guess. Now the opinion piece.

You should let us, kids, play video games. I say because while we play, you can do your own work. It will keep us, kids, entertained when we get bored. You say we wont be fit. Well, what about Kinect in Xbox? 
Remote controls and buttons improves finger movements. You say we strain our eyes, but we can take occasional breaks for them. Video games allow us to have fun. Plus, studies have shown
that kids that play a interactive, video game for at least an hour and a half actually increases our IQ level. We get better hand-eye co-ordination, teamwork and faster reflexes. Those are some of the things on the plus side of video games.
 Video games give us positive reinforcement. They improve hand-eye coordination and build teamwork. They  teach strategic thinking and they're social. Most games are programmed for people playing them to succeed and be rewarded for that success.
They help us kids, with human accuracy, awareness and logical thinking. School makes us really tired, so we deserve to have a break.You should let us play for these very reasons. 

You can learn new things from the virtual world too. For example if the game took place in the past, then we would learn things about the past. Video games make kids think. We develop fine motor skills. Some games are educational.

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  1. Rather play out door foot ball, tennis...would give better hand-eye co-ordination. Also can be healthier than playing Video's all lame reason to play video games...I don't agree

    1. Still not budging from my reasons and opinions.

    2. I like it and second it, Prem :-)

  2. Nice opinion piece kutty! But still you tv time is limited, no exceptions 😆

  3. Hani kutty..First i have to compliment on the way u have put our points.. U certainly pursue a career in law 😊.. Coming to matter, while i understand your feeling of wanting to play xbox... Playing for long time staring at tv will affect your eyes permanently.. (When i was a child, i wish i heard my amma advice of not to watch cricket continuously.. If i had heeded my eyes would have been better) am not saying dont play but limit it to the time amma/appa gives... Being a knowledgable child you are.. Am sure u will understand..