Monday, May 16, 2016

My Dream Career: A Surgeon

                 I want to be a surgeon when I am old enough and have the ability to do this job. A surgeon is in  the career cluster of health science. I want to do this job because of the money it offers, fame, and my love of science. Science rules! In this essay, I will cover the Training and Education I’d need, the Work Environment, the Salary, Growth Potential, Job Opportunity, and  Job Outlook. These topics will pop up in the order that you see them in above.

          First up, the training and education. The specific job training and education I will need to be surgeon is to go to a good medical school do dissections, learn about body parts and their functions, get a PhD degree, and get a bachelor's degree. Both degrees will be in health science.

            Secondly, the work environment for this job. The job will be like doing science experiments in a hospital. I would wear a white uniform with a blue apron and a green mask to keep everyone clean and healthy. This outfit is also known as a scrub. I would need to have characteristics like skillfulness, fast reflexes, precision, and accuracy. The work can be done in teams or individually. I would also get help from pathologists and other medical specialists around the globe. I would treat things like disease, deformities, and disease injuries.

     Next, the salary, growth potential, job opportunity, and job outlook. According to, the national average a surgeon makes is $272,473. The Atlanta, Georgia living area is $239,808. The basic salary, according to, is $272,473. You need a lot of practice, patience, and hard work to grow. I could also pay close attention to other surgeons’ work for additional growth.

               Do I still want to be a surgeon after this research? I don’t think I want to do this anymore because it doesn’t seem interesting anymore. But who knows? I could become a surgeon.

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  1. best wishes to your future life. anatomy and diseases explaining this site. video nd ebook

  2. Nice research! Best wishes dear Alan