Friday, February 3, 2017

Opinion Writing: Should Teenagers Give Up Their Phones For a Week?

“Earth to teenagers addicted to phones, do you copy? Over.” Crackle! Crackle! Buzz! Buzz!
Do you think phones should be confiscated from teenagers for a week? Did you know that over 50% of teenagers are addicted to their cellular phones? Teenagers who are addicted to their phones do not enjoy the real world. Instead they spend way too much time in the cyber world. Adolescents, another name for teenagers, love their phones. They use it for things like texting and playing video games, which parents do not like. Teenagers also use their phones everywhere including the dinner table. Two reasons teenagers should be banned from their phones are teenagers tend to err, or make errors, more when they have a phone at hand and also giving up phones can have numerous benefits.
    First of all, cellular phones make teenagers err more. For instance, if a teenager loves to text, but has a lot of homework, they might write down some random answers. This will enable them to be done as quick as possible and get back to texting their friends.
    Next, giving up phones can have numerous benefits. One certain benefit is that teenagers can revisit hobbies they had given up, like scrapbooking or building model airplanes. A couple of other benefits are that teenagers can appreciate the people around them and enjoy face-to-face conversations with others.
    People may say phones help them more than hurt them, but phones emit radiation that can ruin teenagers’ eyesight. The only things they use cell phones for is texting, SnapChatting, playing video games, and watching videos on YouTube. Phones should be given up for a week because phones make teenagers more erroneous and giving up phones for a week can have numerous benefits.
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