Friday, January 22, 2016

Ruin No More

Nature with it's glowing aura,
It's gentle kindness,
A basis for our resources.
A world of beauty,

With it's blooming flowers,
The sun shining proud.
Birds sing in trees that dance in the wind.
 Nature is giving everything we need,
And what thanks do we give it?
We just pollute the air around us,
Kill animals for their body parts.
We cut down trees for wood,
And as we do so, we damage more habitats.
We take things for granted,
In this big world of nature,                                                           Thanks Google
But, oh.
Elegant and fragile nature still cares for us,
As we kill it and watch it die.
So today lets pollute no more,

Save trees and ruin habitats no more.


  1. Wonderfull, very well written! Kudos and best wishes to write more and more!

  2. 👌🏻 True, we just have one planet for living.

  3. Wow!!!! Alan. Really great poem with a great message!! Congrats!

  4. //Elegant and fragile nature still cares for us//thats mother nature !
    Nature is part of our life we should take care of it .

  5. wow supreme overlord ...
    semai ...
    go on Alan.

  6. super hani.. poem at this age.. wonderful :)