Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Dragon King of China

The Dragon King was the first emperor of China. His real name was Shi Huangdi (The Dragon King). He started constructing the Great Wall of China to keep away the northern invaders.

 Before his rein, China was made up of different kingdoms. During his rein, he united China into one kingdom or country.

 He feared the power of books and that they were a threat to his power. So one day he ordered the burning of books. Paper wasn't invented yet, so books were only a bundle of  bamboo strips. So the the books were burned and thousands were lost in the bonfire of books.

 The emperor was buried with 7,000 life-sized clay soldiers thinking that they would protect him when he died. None of the clay soldiers faces were the same. About 300,000 workers built the emperor's tomb.

                                                   More Facts

             1.The secret of making silk was made with the cocoons of silk worms.
             2.Chinese writing has over 50,000 characters.

             3.Since the 1970's, archaeologists have unearthed 50,000 artifacts from the tomb of the                           Dragon King.

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